Comments: Down up down, cold warm cold

We're warming up a bit over here, too - down to 12 inches of snowpack, currently. Over 43 inches of snow so far this season.

Yes, moving is a major chore, and it sounds like you have a lot of stuff. Would you consider moving to Coven Nord downsizing, upsizing or about the same?

Posted by Scoakat on 25 February, 2021 at 9:18 PM

It's called sorting and packing for a year in advance ...

Posted by Debster on 25 February, 2021 at 10:04 PM

I'm not that sure either (& I'm the one with the garden & hobbies,) but we're only moving a few miles, so will be able to drop back and get another trolley and suitcase load to take back on the train or bus if necessary.

It's all right for people what can drive. We've lived inner city the past forty years, so haven't needed to because train & buses. Now we'll be more outer city, carefully relocated for trains and buses. And a GARDEN!!!! Squeeee!

Posted by Sharon on 26 February, 2021 at 1:47 AM

The thought of moving house after so many moves over the last forty years filled me with dread. We've lived at or current address for over eighteen years and I can't forsee us moving but perhaps it will happen one day.

Posted by delcatto on 26 February, 2021 at 2:58 PM

Scoakat - financially it's downsizing. Space wise it's upsizing (very slightly, in pure square metre-age), even before we build on, but the layout is so appalling there is a lot less usuable space than at Coven Sud. A traditional 30m long, 5m wide stone house with a corridor running along it both upstairs and downstairs.

Debster - that was our plan, and then along came covid. We intended to do 3 weeks down south and one week up north for 3 years, but, with the hidden work that we discovered that needed doing, it's probably just as well how it's turned out.

Sharon - grief that sounds a big challenge! Don't you know someone who could drive a hired van for you? Enjoy the new garden!

delcatto - that's what we thought, and then all the building started, aeroplane flightpath changes happened, and traffic grew exponentially. Plus all the old people around dying and new ones moving in who have completely different attitudes to noise, light at night, and much less consideration for others. And don't mention the barking dogs and sweary owners. Not how we wanted to spend our retirement.

Posted by Blue Witch on 28 February, 2021 at 8:28 AM