Comments: 10 June 1921 to 9 April 2021

I hear that the BBC lost millions of viewers last week as they 'blanked bombed' us with interviews with anyone who might have seen Phil at anytime anywhere and was willing to talk about it.

As a result the most watched programme was Gogglebox. Nuff said...

Apart from the fast that I had a reply from the BBC to my complaint, basically saying that it was tough.

Posted by Mr BW on 17 April, 2021 at 7:24 PM

"More than 100,000 complaints would seem to bear this out."

I do agree that the BBC overcooked their response to the royal bereavement. However, I also agree with your assertion of "the complete lack of understanding of current events by most of the Great British Public."

I am afraid, therefore, that 100,000 examples of the GBP's opinion are just that in my view, and don't indicate anything of note. It's quite easy to find a greater number of the GBP supporting all sorts of ideas I would find unconscionable / utterly stupid / impossible / etc.

Posted by Tim W on 18 April, 2021 at 7:13 AM

100,000 complaints to the BBC over one event is a huge number, in their own terms.

Yesterday I noted that (at least on R4) they repeatedly stated that the programming would be Phil's Funeral between 2.30pm and 4.10pm. I think that was the most annoying thing on the day he died was not knowing how long the wall-to-wall wailing would go on. So, for once, they listened.

It is also notable that the reply to Mr BW's complaint about JW being replaced by Nicki Chapman playing sickly sweet 'poignant' songs (that I hope Maj didn't hear) on Sunday afternoon was replied to in a much more measured and conciliatory tone than mine was when I complained about JW being taken off for show toons.

Posted by Blue Witch on 18 April, 2021 at 8:00 AM

I hope you've now heard the missing Sounds of the 70s, which popped up on BBC Sounds after its midweek 'repeat'.

Posted by diamond geezer on 18 April, 2021 at 4:15 PM

As Hislop said on HIGNFY on Friday, a lot of this is a weird "can't do anything right" issue.

When Queen Mother carked it, they copped a whole load of hassle and complaints (including that the announcer's suit "wasn't black enough", and "too colourful") because their attitude was pretty much "they were old, it's barely news"

So this time they heeded that previous criticism, and went to the other end of the scale, which got them *even more complaints*

I don't pretend to know the answer (or even how one goes about appeasing both the fervent flag-shagging royalist cretins at the same time as the rabid anti-monarchist hateclowns) but going to one extreme or the other certainly isn't going to work.

Posted by Lyle on 18 April, 2021 at 5:26 PM

My policy of never watching or listening to live tv/radio is borne out again. Tim remembers when the late King, died, by the way. There was nothing but solemn music for a week.

I have no idea why anyone would complain. Most of my friends, even in their 80s and 90s, use the internet and can catch up on iPlayer and the ITV equivalent, as well as Netflix etc. They all have DVD players too. And an on/off switch.

Posted by Z on 18 April, 2021 at 9:28 PM