Comments: Building and gardening for the future

I'm definitely with you on political correctness. And not ashamed to say that I still find "Till Death Us Do Part" funny. Many these days do not recognize satire for what it is, alas.

Posted by Tim W on 29 July, 2021 at 9:12 AM

Most of the 70s comedy is still priceless Tim. As you say, satire. Of its time, and needing to be viewed as such. Why should a small minority of people (generally those with Speshul Snowflake Syndrome) be allowed to rewrite or erase the past and say what I can and cannot relive of my childhood? It is what it is, and unless it is still there, it cannot serve to be learnt from. You cannot erase history, because history is lived.

It's like all those old episodes of TOTP that one will now never see again because the presenter or artist was, years later, found to have transgressed. I read somewhere that many episodes have been deliberately destroyed.

Posted by Blue Witch on 29 July, 2021 at 11:14 AM

Been trying No Dig gardening this year. A layer of BOXES from moving, flattened out, covered by a cubic metre of compost.

Working very well so far. Just one word of warning. Even if you wet the cardboard thoroughly, you'll really have to bash the bean canes, or use stakes to make holes for them through the cardboard. After four months the compost settles and is insufficient to hold the canes firmly in a high wind if you don't manage to get them through the cardboard. We didn't. We have Storm Ervet/Evert tonight/tomorrow. Fortunately husband camped a lot with the Scouts and knows all about storm guys. We're wondering whether the canes will be standing tomorrow.

Whether it's just our compost, but sowing in modules, then planting out something BIGGER works better here. Seeds appear not to germinate that well - or the ENORMOUS slugs eat them the second they do. That was one advantage of the hot spell, the slugs gave up. The White butterflies though . . .

And the Lesser Bindweed shoots still need extracting every other day. Alas, the slugs don't eat them.

Posted by Sharon on 30 July, 2021 at 1:30 AM

Sharon - I think I missed that you moved too! Hope you're happily settled now.

Useful hint re making holes in the cardboard, thanks. So far I have used cardboard on top of short grass under mushroom compost and grit for the new hosta bed and it's doing the trick (I was concerned that the cardboard might encourage slugs to gather underneath it, but it doesn't seem to have done). When we turn more of the new leased field into veg garden, we're intending to try no-dig with cardboard there too (the grass is so compacted after years of sheep grazing, it is very hard to remove it).

We have storm guys on our bean poles too, and on the hens' electric netting fence - and last year (pre- glasshouse) on our poly-tomato-greenhouses (guide camp experience, just like your husband's scout camps)!

Yes, those cabbage white butterflies are driving us mad in the past couple of weeks. I'm currently doing twice daily brassica leaf inspections - but luckily the hens love the caterpillars! We've always sown in modules, for exactly the same slug reason as you. Mr BW also puts a couple of seeds in next to each bean or pea plant when planting out the modules, and starts some more seeds in modules under cover at the same time, just in case! We also now sow garlic in modules under cover in the autumn and plant out in spring.

Bindweed - good luck! We've found that the only thing that works, long-term, is putting in 3' bamboo canes at the base, letting the strands grow up it, then painting individual leaves with glysophate. Against my organic principles, but 26 years of battling it down south taught me that it's the only thing that is effective (RHS trials a few years ago also found this). There wasn't any up here... until this week when I found one strand coming up from the middle of a dogwood we'd moved up from Coven Sud. Bugger!

Posted by Blue Witch on 30 July, 2021 at 6:24 AM