Comments: You know the world is ending when...

Very scary. Petrol prices already jumping to add to increased fuel costs for homes and businesses. I’ve taken your advice months ago and we have a good stock of Covid tests. I’ve quite a good larder of tinned basics and the freezer is full. Only a tiny garden, one raised bed approx 15ft x 2 if that. It’s full of bulbs and bushes. Any other suggestions apart from pray? Thinking of you both

Posted by Ambermoggie on 25 February, 2022 at 9:43 PM

That sixth sentence. Be careful, and while you may agree it came from there I find it hard to believe you view it just like he's trumpeted.

It can get worse, it just seems real bad now. And that feeling has become all too common with many and seems to compound with the next crisis that comes. Maybe I'm becoming numbed to it all, stress-induced catatonia. Been a long couple of years.

Posted by Scoakat on 25 February, 2022 at 10:52 PM

Scoakat - if someone else than Johnson was in charge right now (almost anyone else actually) I would feel much less concerned.

Given that his heroes are Winston Churchill, who was a war Prime Minister, and Pericles, the Ancient Greek leader (see here) given that he is not a clear thinker, and uncontrollable by his Party, as well as - seemingly - the police, and that he has a Parliamentary working majority of 77, how is he much different to Putin in what he might do?

Posted by Blue Witch on 26 February, 2022 at 7:49 AM

Amber - learn Russian and Mandarin? Mr BW speaks the latter and I still have my Russian dictionary and phrase book from my unsuccessful efforts at learning the latter 40 years ago.

Being without power for 11 days in late November/early December taught me that a freezer is useless without a generator, and a generator only lasts 4 hours on a fill of petrol. A generator also uses more fuel in 24 hours than you can legally store at home (or indeed would want to store as it is highly flammable, so highly dangerous, and it loses its potency after about 6 months). If no more petrol is available, or you can't get to where it is available, then a generator is fairly useless too.

I used to be amused by the American 'Preppers' but they're probably in a better position than most right now. Although whether one would want to live in any world that the male psychopathic egomaniacal leaders leave in their wake...

There is still 50 years of cleaning up at Chernobyl to do, and the Russians now have contol of that area.

Posted by Blue Witch on 26 February, 2022 at 8:03 AM