Comments: A week to forget

Ah. Knob placement. I remember it well, in a previous incarnation of our own kitchen. I ended up making a stiff cardboard template with two holes for a bradawl.

I hope you're chilling a bottle of good bubbly for when it is all finished!

Posted by Tim W. on 25 September, 2023 at 10:52 AM

The progress on the kitchen is looking good.

Replacing another chunky kitchen cupboard door and I realise we were missing a handle. After umpteen attempts to remove a recalcitrant handle we transferred it. Now to find a gentle method of removing the old sticky tape marks left on the doors.

Hopefully you are fully recovered but an easy mistake to make.

Posted by delcatto on 25 September, 2023 at 11:05 AM

Tim - unlikely there will be any pennies left by then... I said make a template but Mr BW said it wasn't accurate enough and used a micrometer.

delcatto - thanks. Vending machines should be made to display allergens. Why would anyone think that putting wheat in hot chocolate is OK? It's a filler yes, but no longer cheap!

White spirit should work. I bought some HG sticky stuff remover a while ago, but it turns out in a side-by-side comparison that white spirit is better. Just as Mr BW said it would be. If there is any trace of an oily mark, some diluted washing up will take that off.

I remember having 50 fits when a snagging contractor removed workman's oily/tarry boot marks from a carpt in a brand new home I bought in 1990. Despite my fears, it worked perfectly, and left no trace at all.

Posted by Blue Witch on 27 September, 2023 at 7:48 AM